Data Processing Software Solutions  for Single Crystal Neutron Diffractometers

V.I.C. contributed to the development of “STARGazer” that creates data for structure analysis from measured data obtained from the single crystal neutron diffractometers in J-PARC/MLF. V.I.C. also has been developing distributed processing system to improve data processing efficiency.



Development of Diverse Visualization Software

Visualization is a significant component of the analysis process.  As in its company name, V.I.C. takes “Visible” as the keyword in development of multiple visualization software using variety of methods and technologies.



Development of Versatile Measurement Control Software

Many different experimental devices have been installed in J-PARC/MLF. V.I.C. has been developing software to control these devices through network including device control program and measurement control GUI.



Powder Diffraction Auto-Indexing Software

J-PARC Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) plans 6 beam lines out of 23 beam lines will be operated for usage of powder diffraction.

V.I.C. has contributed to the development of powder auto-indexing software. Using this software, the users can  determine indices of multiple Bragg reflections obtained from the MLF powder diffractometers.  This software provides both sophisticated functions for expert researchers and user friendly functions for less experienced researchers.

Not only for academic benefit, but also for educational purposes, this software contributes to crystallography.